Scientists Discover Enzyme That Generates Electricity From Air

Scientists have discovered an enzyme that can convert air into electrical energy. This breakthrough in the field of energy generation is crucial as our planet is in dire need of transition. Australian researchers have uncovered an interesting enzyme that captures hydrogen from the air to generate an electrical current. 

Bacterium-Originated Enzyme

The discovery was made by Dr. Rhys Grinter and his team from the Monash University Biomedicine Discovery Institute in Melbourne, Australia. Australian researchers focused on an enzyme that originated from a bacterium typically found in soil. The researchers extracted the enzyme, called Huc,  responsible for transferring the hydrogen in the air into electrical energy.

Sustainable Source of Huc

There is nothing to worry about the amount of electricity being generated from the enzyme as scientists can grow the enzymes in abundance. According to Dr. Grinte, “the sky is quite literally the limit” because there’s no limit to the number of enzymes that they can produce.

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