60 Years Old Sets World Record For 3,264 push-ups In One Hour

60-year-old Rob Stirling did 3,264 push-ups in a single hour setting the world record. Rob proved that age is just a number and one can remain fit as long as one wants. He broke the previously set record of Daniel Scali from Australia who did 3,182 push-ups in one hour.

Rob’s Push-up Strategy

Rob adopted a strategic approach to doing thousands of push-ups in one hour. Rather than attempting to keep going for one hour straight, he opted for short sets of 12 push-ups with a seven-second pause in between each set. “The strategy to doing the most I can get in an hour is doing short sets,” he explained.

Eyes On The Next Milestone

Rob Stirling sent his push-up footage to the Guinness World Records to get an official verification. Furthermore, he has set his eyes on the next milestone that he desires to achieve, which is 144 push-ups in one minute. According to Rob, he has already been training for that too and he believes he can do it. 

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