March 8, 2023

Scientists Warn Of Frozen “Zombie” Viruses Infecting Humans

As the temperatures rise due to global warming, scientists warn of more “lethal” viruses in the future. Melting glaciers are constantly threatening the release of ancient frozen viruses and carbon stored in the frozen grounds of permafrost.  Professor Jean-Michel Claverie has found some “zombie viruses” while studying Siberian permafrost. 

Two Americans Dead In Mexico Kidnapping

Four American citizens were kidnapped a week ago in the Northern Mexican border city. The US authorities have managed to rescue two with one woman injured in the gunfight. The four Americans were abducted by armed men a week ago, according to Mexican officials.

Senators Introduced Bill To Ban TikTok In The US

Considering the Chinese app, a national security threat, a dozen of US senators have introduced a bill seeking to ban TikTok. The new legislation will give the commerce department the power to impose restrictions on apps and technologies that pose national security to the US.