Rare Jurassic Era Insect Spotted Near Walmart Store

A scientist accidentally spotted a rare specie of insect on Walmart store building in the US. Arthropod researcher Michael Skvarla was just on his way to get some milk when he encountered a rare insect specie on the side of the building. Interestingly the accidental meetup happened back in 2012, but he only realized after eight years that the insect was something special. 

Discovery Made Live On Zoom

The discovery was made during a live zoom session where he was showing his personal insect collection to his students. Considering as a dragonfly-like insect, he managed to focus on the length of its unusual wings. His students said Skvarla went blank during his lecture and later noticed that the insect was not what they previously thought. 

Giant Lacewings Date Back To Jurassic Era

Mystery of Giant Lacewing

The Giant Lacewing with 50 millimeters wingspan was thought to have completely disappeared from the continent but the recent discovery tells a different story. The researchers have hypothesized that the disappearance could be due to increasing pollution and the introduction of predators that are new to the environment.

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