March 4, 2023

Scientists Are Now Using Human Brain To Develop Biocomputers

Scientists are improvising to use the human brain to develop biocomputers. The objective is to use human brains in order to create biological hardware to serve humanity in the long run. With revolutionary advancements in AI, scientists are concerned about the diminishing extraordinary role the human brain can play in storing information and problem-solving.

Rare Jurassic Era Insect Spotted Near Walmart Store

A scientist accidentally spotted a rare specie of insect on Walmart store building in the US. Arthropod researcher Michael Skvarla was just on his way to get some milk when he encountered a rare insect specie on the side of the building. Interestingly the accidental meetup happened back in 2012, but he only realized after eight years that the insect was something special. 

Joe Biden Removed Cancerous Skin Tissue Last Month

The physician of US president Joe Biden revealed that they had removed a cancerous lesion last month. The cancerous skin was removed successfully from his chest region. The lesion, basal cell carcinoma, was detected during a routine health check-up of the US president. Dr. Kevin O’Connor said that the cancer cells were removed and there was nothing to worry about.