Scientists Are Now Using Human Brain To Develop Biocomputers

Scientists are improvising to use the human brain to develop biocomputers. The objective is to use human brains in order to create biological hardware to serve humanity in the long run. With revolutionary advancements in AI, scientists are concerned about the diminishing extraordinary role the human brain can play in storing information and problem-solving.

Brain Organoids

The entire biocomputing initiative revolves around “Brain Organoids”. Prof Thomas Hartung explains that brain organoids are like mini-brains but they are more than that. Brain organoids are small tiny brains artificially grown in labs and perform normal human-like cognitive functions. The scientists will be able to communicate by sending them messages and asking for responses, just like the AI.

What’s So Special About OI

The OI, organoid intelligence is more advanced than computers due to two reasons. While machines are good with numbers, human brains are much more efficient in learning and storing information. The awesome initiative was published in  Frontiers in Science journal by Johns Hopkins University.

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