50% Of World Population To Be Overweight by 2035

More than half of the world’s population will become obese by 2035, a new report by the World Obesity Federation claimed. A report looking over the economic impact of obesity argued that by 2035, our world will have more than 50% of the population classified as obese. The alarming number of obese people coupled with the rising population will have disastrous consequences if not controlled.

Obesity Will Cost $4 Trillion

More than 50% of the obese population will cost more than $4 trillion to mitigate, according to the report. The enormous annual cost of obesity will be parallel to the economic impact of COVID-19 in 2020. Furthermore, Africa and Asia are more likely to be impacted by rising obesity levels owing to the gradual transition to processed foods and lower dietary awareness.

Child Obesity To Explode

Contradictory to the general perception, Children are more likely to be impacted as compared to adults. The report uncovered that children are expected to witness a 100% increase in obesity by 2035. The president of the World Obesity Federation, Prof Louise Baur urged world leaders and policymakers to come together and plan to avoid confronting the devastating future ahead.

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