Tomato Shortage Causes Pizza Crisis In UK

Tomatoes flow to the market has been restricted amid a decrease in its production across Europe. Britain’s favorite vegetable will not be readily available because of national shortages. The soaring tomato prices have caused a Pizza crisis forcing Pizza chefs to increase prices.

Tomato Prices Are Up 400%

The weather conditions in Africa and other parts of Europe have significantly decreased the production of tomatoes and other vegetables. Britain imports 95% of its tomatoes from Spain and Morocco both facing poor weather conditions. Apart from the import factor, soaring energy prices have also added to the misery which is expected to persist till May.  A cucumber used to cost $0.30 and it has hit $1.20 now, thanks to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Pizza Shortages

Tomato, being an important Pizza ingredient, will cause a pizza crisis. Tomato shortages will force the Pizza chefs to come up with innovative ideas to mitigate the losses but prices will go up for sure. UK Italian Chef Federation’s President,  Enzo Oliveri said that times are very hard for Italian restaurants in UK.

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