February 27, 2023

$330 Million Worth Of Cocaine Seized In Ecuador

Police have seized a cocaine shipment worth a massive $330 million in Ecuador. The shipment was ready to be dispatched to Belgium in a couple of days. The police said that the shipment was almost 8.8 tonnes found inside a container of bananas. 

Elon Musk Fires 200 More Twitter Employees

In yet another round of Twitter layoffs, Twitter’s CEO Elon Musk has fired additional 200 employees. This is not the first time layoffs, but rather a continuation of the series of layoffs Musk has been doing since he took over. Further layoffs have reduced Twitter’s workforce by 10% out of the 2000 prior workforce.

Tomato Shortage Causes Pizza Crisis In UK

Tomatoes flow to the market has been restricted amid a decrease in its production across Europe. Britain’s favorite vegetable will not be readily available because of national shortages. The soaring tomato prices have caused a Pizza crisis forcing Pizza chefs to increase pizza prices.