$330 Million Worth Of Cocaine Seized In Ecuador

Police have seized a cocaine shipment worth a massive $330 million in Ecuador. The shipment was ready to be dispatched to Belgium in a couple of days. The police said that the shipment was almost 8.8 tonnes found inside a container of bananas. 

Record Seizure in 2023

Police commander Fausto Salinas said that the shipment if it safely landed in Europe, would cost around $330 million. This was “Record seizure in 2023,” he tweeted after the seizure. Ecuador has become a favorite transit point for drug traffickers from Peru and Colombia, which is then dispatched to the entire globe. In Ecuador, violence has been on the rise between the drug cartels as each wants to control a bigger chunk of the drug business.

Cocaine And Bananas

Ecuador is famous for its bananas which is why drug traffickers often use banana shipments for their deliveries. In 2022, the authorities confiscated a total of 200 tonnes of cocaine hidden among bananas, ready for export.

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