Canada Investigates TikTok For Leaking Data

The Canadian authorities are set to investigate TikTok which they accuse to be sharing information with the Chinese government. The video-sharing platform has come under intense fire since last year. The application is accused of collaborating with the Chinese government and handing them over the user’s information.

Is It About Privacy?

While government officials are talking about privacy, TikTok is perceived more as a national security threat for governments around the world. The US has already barred its officials from using TikTok for over two months now. The Dutch government also advised its public officials not to use the application citing privacy reasons. Keeping the geopolitical situation, the ban is likely more than just a privacy issue.

TikTok Seems Optimistic

The Canadian authorities have not disclosed any intent of banning the video-sharing platform yet. On the other hand, a spokesperson for TikTok said that now is the moment to show that TikTok has not been sharing anything with the Chinese government. The company was Optimistic and confident in securing the privacy of Canadians, it said.

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