February 24, 2023

Canada Investigates TikTok For Leaking Data

The Canadian authorities are set to investigate TikTok which they accuse to be sharing information with the Chinese government. The video-sharing platform has come under intense fire since last year. The application is accused of collaborating with the Chinese government and handing them over the user’s information.

Report Says China Will Take Over US As Largest Economy

As the situation between the world’s two biggest economies heats up, a report mentions that China will soon take over as the world’s largest economy. China’s tech capabilities have come under fire by the US in recent years. Despite restrictions on its tech market by Japan, US, and Netherlands, China’s economy continues to grow. 

Netflix To Raise Subscriptions By Price Cuts In Some Countries

Netflix has announced that they are planning to cut prices in some countries to increase subscriptions. The company is aiming to increase its subscribers by cutting prices in some countries located in Asia, Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East.