US: 29 States Brace For Extreme Cold & Snow Storms

More than 65 million people across 29 states are expected to be impacted by severe snowstorms and heavy rains. The storm is expected to bring heavy snow, from the Pacific Northwest to the Northeast, with several states reporting 2 feet of snow today. 

Storm Before The Calm

California Has already felt the brunt as power has been knocked out due to strong winds and a powerful storm. Power outages have been reported in several counties such as Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz. Meteorologists are urging citizens to prepare for “a long-lasting winter storm”. Heavy ice is expected in southern Michigan likely stopping all the traffic and cutting power supplies for millions of people. 

Over 1,000 flights Cancelled

More than 1,000 flights within the US have been canceled. According to flight tracking site FlightAware, a total of 1,221 flights were canceled after weather alerts were issued across 29 states. Regional carrier SkyWest, Delta, and Southwest canceled a total of 520 flights today.

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