February 22, 2023

Putin Threatens Nuclear Escalation On Arming Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to unleash nuclear weapons in his latest speech. In his speech, he suspended Russia’s participation in the only nuclear arms control agreement with the United States. Putin said that he had signed a decree to “put new ground-based strategic systems” on the ground. 

US: 29 States Brace For Extreme Cold & Snow Storms

More than 65 million people across 29 states are expected to be impacted by severe snowstorms and heavy rains. The storm is expected to bring heavy snow, from the Pacific Northwest to the Northeast, with several states reporting 2 feet of snow today. 

UK Supermarkets Limit Fruit And Vegetable Sales

UK supermarkets are trying to limit their sales of fruits and vegetables amid severe shortages. Supply chains have been severely disrupted by weather changes in Spain and Morocco, two major importers to the UK. Asda, the British supermarket chain has imposed three per-person limits on several fruits and vegetables followed by Morrisons, which has imposed a cap of two per person on several commodities.