UK Supermarkets Limit Fruit And Vegetable Sales

UK supermarkets are trying to limit their sales of fruits and vegetables amid severe shortages. Supply chains have been severely disrupted by weather changes in Spain and Morocco, two major importers to the UK. Asda, the British supermarket chain has imposed three per-person limits on several fruits and vegetables followed by Morrisons, which has imposed a cap of two per person on several commodities.

Why Supermarkets Are Doing So?

Supermarkets in the UK are rationing fruit and vegetable items due to several reasons. The first reason is that cold temperatures, heavy rains, and flooding have caused a decrease in production in Morocco and Spain. The UK imports most of its fruits and vegetable from the two countries during the winter season. Tomato production has decreased by 22% from February last year. The rising energy cost for British growers is another reason as farmers find it hard to power their greenhouses.

Supermarkets Rationing The Items

The UK’s major supermarkets such as Morrisons, Asda, Tesco, and Aldi have limited their sales. Aldi has limited its sales to only three items per customer. A spokesperson for Aldi said that they are limiting purchases of peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers to three units per person.

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