February 21, 2023

Will Bird Flu Be The Next Human Pandemic?

Bird flue has been increasing its foothold in the US, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. The US reported more than hundreds of millions of cases in poultry costing the US government around $660 million. The virus has already spread to other mammals such as bears and red foxes in the US.

Baby Girl Mauled To Death By Pet Dogs

A little four-year-old girl was mauled to death by two rottweilers in the Australian state of New South Wales. The pet dogs attacked the little girl named Mia Riley, without any reason at a family barbecue. Two rottweilers suddenly attacked the little four-year-old without anyone provoking them. Her parents woke up to the horror and went straight to Moruya Hospital. 

UK Returns Stolen Crown Jewellery To Cambodia

The 9th-century Angkorian crown jewelry was returned back to the people of Cambodia. The antique artifacts returned included necklaces, crowns, amulets, and other treasures. Douglas Latchford who was responsible for the art trafficking died in 2020 while waiting for his trial in the US.