What Swallowing Chewing Gum Does To Your Body

Chewing gums have been a part of the human dietary cycle for thousands of years. In the past, humans used to chew spruce gum, a type of chewing material made from the resin of spruce trees. The question is, what chewing gum does to our body or does it have any impact at all?.

Inside The Digestive Tract

When chewing gum does not just stay in the stomach for the whole time but moves through the digestive system. The stomach cannot digest chewing gum because the acids cannot possibly break it down. Upon leaving the stomach it will enter the seven meters long small intestine & then the large intestine. The gum will eventually end up in your toilet.

Nothing To Worry About

Yes, there’s nothing to worry about chewing gums. Make sure not to swallow multiple chewing gums once at a time as they can block the intestines making it hard for the digestion process to continue. There have been certain cases where children swallowed multiple pieces of gum in a single day ending up blocking their intestines. 

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