February 16, 2023

Israel Exports Crude Oil For The Very First Time

For the very first time, the first Israeli shipment of crude oil has headed toward Europe. The shipment took off from an Israeli natural gas reservoir located on the Eastern side of the Mediterranean. The announcement was made by the Greek gas company Energean which mentioned that the cargo ship carrying hydrocarbon gas liquids was exported to the global markets.

What Swallowing Chewing Gum Does To Your Body

Chewing gums have been a part of the human dietary cycle for thousands of years. In the past, humans used to chew spruce gum, a type of chewing material made from the resin of spruce trees. The question is, what chewing gum does to our body or does it have any impact at all?.

166 Million Years Old Dinosaur Footprint Discovered In UK

Scientists were able to discover an amazing dinosaur footprint on Yorkshire’s coast. The footprint found was at least 166 million years old, the researchers said. It seems that the predator was probably resting here on Yorkshire’s coast in the United Kingdom.