166 Million Years Old Dinosaur Footprint Discovered In UK

Scientists were able to discover an amazing dinosaur footprint on Yorkshire’s coast. The footprint found was at least 166 million years old, the researchers said. It seems that the predator was probably resting here on Yorkshire’s coast in the United Kingdom.

1 Meter Long

The footprint found at Burniston Bay was 1 meter long in length and is the largest ever footprint ever discovered in the region. The footprint will be displayed for visitors to see at the 194 years old Rotunda Museum. A team of fossil experts managed to transfer the print because they were afraid that it could be lost to erosion. The findings of this amazing discovery were published in the Yorkshire Geological Society journal today.

Sixth Discovery Since 1934

The discovery of the recent dinosaur footprint is the sixth one in the region, since 1934. The evidence suggests that large dinosaurs “once roamed this area during the Jurassic,” local geologist John Hudson said. The 8-9 meters high dinosaurs are not an exception to the region as such large meat-eating creatures used to rest here, the scientists said.

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