France Condemns Black Panther For Insulting Army

The French Defence minister has condemned Marvel’s Black Panther for insulting the French armed forces. The movie showed French troops caught while trying to steal natural resources from the fictional kingdom of Wakanda in Africa.

No Censorship

French forces have been supporting the countries of western Africa including Niger and Chad. French forces left Mali and Burkina Faso military juntas demanded their departure. The evil image presented in the movie hurts the “representation of our (French) armed forces,” Sébastien Lecornu, French defence minister wrote on twitter. The French minister did not call for censorship, but he was “angry at seeing the film”, people close to Lecornu said.

 Russia’s Wagner Taking Over

The French forces left Burkina Faso and Mali recently after they were told to leave by the governments of the countries. France has been pretty much concerned about its image in the western African countries and sees this as a victory for Russia, as the Russian Wagner group gradually takes over.

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