February 13, 2023

Researchers Say Air Pollution Causes Depression In Adults

Researchers have been increasingly focusing on the adverse effects of air pollution to human cognition and overall brain. A latest study has unearthed a link between air pollution and depression in the adult population. 1.5 million out of total 8.9 million participants were diagnosed with depression, the study mentioned.

France Condemns Black Panther For Insulting Army

The French Defence minister has condemned Marvel’s Black Panther for insulting the French armed forces. The movie showed French troops caught while trying to steal natural resources from the fictional kingdom of Wakanda in Africa.

Asteroid Enters Earth Atmosphere Lighting Up The Sky

An asteroid was seen entering the earth’s atmosphere that could have disappeared somewhere in the French city of Rouen. Scientists predicted the asteroid a day before it hit the earth’s atmosphere.  The 1-meter-sized asteroid showed the “fireball” effect as was shown in several videos uploaded online.