Asteroid Enters Earth Atmosphere Lighting Up The Sky

An asteroid was seen entering the earth’s atmosphere that could have disappeared somewhere in the French city of Rouen. Scientists predicted the asteroid a day before it hit the earth’s atmosphere.  The 1-meter-sized asteroid showed the “fireball” effect as was shown in several videos uploaded online.

The Sar2667’s Discovery

The asteroid that lit up the skies of France earlier was known as Sar2667 or the 2023 CX1. The Hungarian astronomer was discovered by Krisztián Sárneczky on 12 February 2023. At the time of its discovery the meteoroid was inside the orbit of the Moon at a distance of less than 233,000 km from Earth.  The meteoroid was visible to multiple countries like Northern France, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Sign Of Advancement In Astronomy

The event was seen as an advancement in the global asteroid identification capabilities. The European Space Agency issued a safety alert hours before the impact and gave credit to Krisztián Sárneczky for discovering the asteroid days in advance. 

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