Musk Restores Twitter Accounts of Banned Journalists

Twitter lifted its ban on several journalists it recently banned. The Washington Post, CNN, and the New York Times each had reporters who were banned from accessing the platform. The journalists were banned when they shared location data of Elon Musk. The ban was lifted after the second poll Musk conducted. 59% of 3.6 million participants chose to lift the restriction right away.

Condemned By UN and EU

The United Nations and European Union both condemned Elon Musk for restricting the use of journalists from using twitter. The EU even threatened to unleash sanctions against twitter for restricting freedom of speech.  “A free press is the cornerstone of democratic societies,” under secretary general of the UN, Melissa Fleming said. 

Musk Responds

Elon Musk, in response to the accusations of “banning free speech” mentioned that the journalists were not being treated any differently. “If you doxx, you get suspended. That’s it,” he said. According to Twitter’s new rules, Users are no longer permitted to publish “live location information” that “reveals a person’s live location”.

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