Scientist Proposes Plan To Grow Forests On Mars

Mars or “The Red Planet” has always caught the attention of space explorers. Humans have been thinking of colonizing and building permanent settlements on Mars for decades. The crucial part comes when the Martian surface emerges as a topic of discussion. The planet is barren and inhospitable due to its climate, but the new research outlines a plan to build forests on Mars.

The Plan

A plan proposed by Paul Smith, ecologist from University of Bristol, suggests that human residents will require forests. In short, the idea is to introduce a variety of organisms that thrive in dry, cold, or high-altitude habitats on Earth and then let evolution take its course. Paul suggests a 20 hectares forest park that is tightly contained behind pressurized domes or protected inside lava tubes that are illuminated by fibre optics and mirrors.

Missing Puzzle In Martian Forest

There is a downside to Paul’s hypothesis, its wildlife. Animals like deers, lions, rabbits will be confined to a very small area, like humans. It’s harder to predict if wildlife could thrive in such an environment. 

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