The Way You Charge Your Phone Is Wrong

The way you have been charging your phone could be wrong and this could be hurting your battery. Software engineers and phone experts say that most people are making huge mistakes when it comes to charging their phones.

How To Not Charge Your Phone?

Phones are not getting any cheaper. If you want the newest iPhone 14 Pro it could cost you up to $1,500. So if you are already spending this much money, why not take care of your battery so it can last as long as possible?

Software Developer Prabhsharan Singh says the #1 reason that is hurting your phone’s battery is using a cheap charger to charge it.

You can get really cheap chargers on Amazon or Aliexpress. But these chargers are low-quality. Singh states that these chargers can “damage your phone in multiple ways, including reducing battery life and even destroying the device entirely.”

Here are other mistakes you should avoid when charging your phone:

  • Don’t drain your battery too fast
  • Don’t use your phone while charging it
  • Don’t get cheap power bank chargers
  • Take your phone case off white charging it
  • Avoid overcharging your phone

How To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer?

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