An App That Can Successfully Predict Heart Failure Through Speech

It’s astonishing to even imagine that just by speaking to one’s phone, one can predict the chances of heart failure. Predicting something that has not yet occurred is a milestone that can revolutionize the coming era of cardiology for the whole world. This app successfully predicted 82 percent of the heart incidents well before they could occur.

Instead of Complex Procedures, The app can detect everything from the voice

HearO App

Cordio Medical’s HearO technology can detect the build-up of fluid associated with heart failure through an individual’s voice. This non-intrusive monitoring method is based on machine learning-enhanced real speech signal processing. The app sends an alert after detecting the build-up. When someone’s heart doesn’t properly pump blood, fluid gets accumulates in the lungs, a condition known as Congestive heart failure

82% Success Rate

The app has revealed an 82% success rate in a study. 180 patients from 10 Israeli medical facilities provided the study’s 180 voice samples, totaling 460,000. The participants transmitted a voice sample in Hebrew, Arabic, or Russian once per day using the HearO app at home.

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