Police Stormed Europe’s Most Dangerous Crime Network

Police all across Europe, have arrested more than 44 suspects in multiple raids. The suspects were believed to be part of a huge criminal empire all across Europe.  The network is considered one of the most dangerous crime organizations, running across multiple European countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, and the Slovak Republic.

Drugs Trafficking And Money Laundering

The police have been involved in investigating the drug traffickers roaming freely across the continent. A large quantity of hashish, cocaine, methamphetamines and cannabis recovered during the police raids. Those involved in the Investigation revealed that the criminal organization was connected to foreign drug traffickers.

Global Drug Trafficking

The criminal network was set up like a business, with several gangs and brokers cooperating across international borders to manage the entire chain of drug trafficking, from organizing massive shipments to distributing the drugs across Europe and even beyond.

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