Evidence Suggests Water On Mars Came From Asteroids

For many decades, the red planet has always baffled our scientists. Research a few weeks back suggested that there used to be water on Mars but changing climate changed everything for the planet. The latest research has dug a bit deeper into the mystery.

Water On Mars

The availability of water is evidence of potential life. Mars had water 4.3 billion years ago on its surface as evident from multiple researches. The recent study suggests the source of that water. Martin Bizzarro from the University of Copenhagen mentions that there must be a source of that water and “asteroids that bombarded the planet” in the initial days must have brought them to the planet. 

Martian Meteorites

The scientists studied more than 30 Martian meteorites. After careful analysis of the meteorites, they reached the conclusion that it has signatures of chromium isotopes. Some traces showed signs of water rich asteroids that may have hit the planet.

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