Mysterious Solar System Discovered Deep Inside Space

We, as the inhabitants of a solar system of our own, have never given a thought to, if there’s any other plenary system beyond ours. A new mysterious planetary, that is 90 light-years away, has just been discovered by scientists. But this solar system is unlike ours. The research was published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, a leading astronomy journal.

Gaia In The Milky Way

“A Complete Mystery”

These are the words of a Ph.D. student at the University of Warwick, Abbigail Elms. He said it in reference to the recent development. The recently discovered solar system formed and died before our earth and sun were even born. The discovery was made possible by using a spacecraft called ‘Gaia’ and ‘X-Shooter’. Both are astronomical tools used to observe space.

The Dwarf

Actually, what they discovered is what is referred to as a “dwarf” in astronomy. It’s the dead remains of a sun-like our solar system. The dwarf is believed to be 10-billion-year-old, 6 billion years older than our earth and the sun.

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