October 31, 2022

Remote Job Listings Running Out

LinkedIn data shows that remote job listings are declining. The falling offers to work from home or anywhere come at a time when job seekers show increased appetite for remote work.

Scientists Discovered 99 Million Years Old Preserved Snail

French scientists from the Museum of Natural History and Ethnography discovered a 99 million years old preserved snail that still grows hair. This little snail was discovered in Myanmar’s Hukawng Valley. The newly discovered species is named “Archaeocyclotus brevivillosus” by the scientists.  The team of researchers were led by malacologist Jean-Michel Bichain.

Bridge Collapse Killed 132 People In India

In one of the deadliest incidents of the country in the past 10 years, 132 people lost their lives after a suspension bridge collapsed in India’s western state of Gujarat. Videos have been circulating on social media which shows people taking photos and celebrating diwali as it collapsed killing 132 people.