NASA Successfully Destroys An Asteroid By Crashing In A Spacecraft

As a part of defending the earth from any potential asteroid hits, NASA successfully crashed a spacecraft into an asteroid, the size of a football stadium, on Monday. This is the very first time humans have become able to accomplish such an objective. 


The space mission DART, Double Asteroid Redirection Test is a NASA mission intended to act in defense of the earth against any potential asteroid hits. The goal of DART is to eliminate any asteroid hurtling towards our planet. The recent spacecraft collided with the asteroid at the speed of around 15000 mph. The live video showed the time of impact when the spacecraft collided with the asteroid. The asteroid was the size of a football stadium. 

New Era

The event has proved to be a success for NASA as scientists hoped for a better mechanism of defending the earth from any potential asteroid hits. “We can use that same technology to deflect asteroids that might pose an actual threat further down the line,” Tanya Harrison said.

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