Going To Space Has Changed Astronauts’ DNA

A research published on August 31 in Nature Communications Biology found that the blood-forming stem cells of all fourteen astronauts in the study, who were part of NASA’s space shuttle program, contained DNA mutations.

Health Risk Going To Space

Astronauts are tested before and after every space flight. One of the biggest ongoing studies conducted at the International Space Station is to see how human bodies will be affected by longer stays in space.

This study took blood samples from astronauts that went into space during the space shuttle program. The blood was kept for 20 years to see how and what will happen.

The researchers propose that astronauts undergo routine blood testing to check for any mutations. These types of mutations could also lead to diseases like cancer.

Future Of Astronaut’s Health

However, monitoring programs for astronauts’ blood and overall health will be essential as NASA strives to send people to Mars and other planets for extended periods of time while studying more about how human bodies change in deep space through its Artemis program on the moon.

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