UK’s Johnson Signals Early End To COVID Isolation Rules

UK's Johnson Signals Early End To COVID Isolation Rules

According to Boris Johnson, the laws that require people with Coronavirus-19 in England to isolate themselves will be repealed within weeks, which will end all restrictions related to Coronaviruses in the domestic environment.

Johnson told Parliament he expected to be able to end the last domestic restrictions, including the requirement to self-isolate if you test positive, as soon as possible. If the current data trend continues, we might be able to eliminate it a month earlier.

Most of the remaining COVID-19 restrictions were dropped last month by Johnson’s Conservative government.

After a spike in daily caseloads due to the highly transmissible omicron variant in January, the U.K. has seen a decrease in both new infections and COVID-19 admissions.

England has abolished face masks everywhere, with the exception of public transport in London.

There have been about 64,000 infections daily since mid-December, which is the lowest level since that time.

Over 159,000 people have died of the virus in Britain so far, making it the second-worst virus-related death toll in Europe after Russia.

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