Florida Science Teacher Fired For Refusing To Wear Mask

Florida Science Teacher Fired For Refusing To Wear Mask

It has been reported that a teacher in South Florida has been fired for refusing to wear a mask over a long period of time.

As a result of his gross insubordination, the school board in Broward County decided Tuesday night to fire John C. Alvarez, a science teacher at Piper High.

South Florida Sun Sentinel reports that Alvarez plans to appeal the decision.

The school board had ordered students and employees to wear masks in schools for most of this year, citing a large number COVID-19 cases as well as guidance from the Centers For Disease Control.

The Ron DeSantis administration has put an end to mandatory student mask laws, leadingBroward and other counties into months of bitter legal disputes. The Governor’s orders are only applicable for students currently enrolled in public schools-not employees like teachers or school staff members who work on site at a facility during the day.

When the school district told him he had to wear a mask, Alvarez refused and was fired for insubordination. Nowadays though it’s illegal in many areas of America for employees like teachers or police officers who work outdoors on campus without any form-fitting protection from infection at all.

Marylin Batista, the school board’s interim general counsel, says that the issue of this mask and all the baggage it carries are not relevant to the complaint at hand, which is that this employee acted in grossly subordinate fashion to a supervisor’s directive.

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