Trump Double Negative: Twitter Sees Proof Positive Of No Electoral Fraud

Trump Double Negative

A high-profile victim was caught in a double negative on Saturday night, an elephant trap commonly used in grammar. Donald Trump.

The former president has a statement to make about the 2020 election, and it’s not going over well with people in America. He said: “Anybody that doesn’t think there wasn’t massive election fraud this past year is either very stupid or just outright corrupt.

According to the Electoral College, incumbent Trump lost by 306-232 to Joe Biden, and by over 7 million votes in the popular vote.

But President Trump seems to think that there was massive election fraud in the recent US elections. Though his own formula would therefore make him “very stupid or very corrupt,” he’s had deadly effect by making this claim which has led people on attacks against our country and their capital city on 6 january(The United States Capitol).

Trump was banned from Twitter after he started posting false information and it is this that has him communicating via statement, nominally a means of communication less open to spontaneous error. It turns out Trump does have some sort of form when dealing with double negatives.

In 2018, Helsinki summit between the Trump and Putin was a huge win for Russia. He famously stood next to Vladimir, saying that there seemed no reason why it would be them who interfered in 2016 US elections – but he has since backtracked on this statement.

The White House responded to Trump’s remark by saying, “The sentence should have been: “I see no reason why Russia wouldn’t do this.”. This would have been a double negative.”

On Saturday night, Mockery delighted in the wit and speed of its Twitter feed. So too did President Trump as he took to his favorite platform for another round of mocking.

“This… doesn’t say what Donald Trump believes it means,” wrote Kyle Cheney of Politico.

Jon Karl, the ABC News correspondent who has written a best-selling book on how Donald Trump will be impeached and removed from office finally offered some hope. He said that despite Democrats being in control of one house after winning back many seats during midterm elections last week; “He finally conceded.”

George Conway, a conservative critic married to Trump adviser Kellyanne and former federal prosecutor wrote: “Seriously guys? Nobody can always be right. That would literally mean never being wrong in their entire lives.”

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