Staff Dispute At Car Dealership Ends With Man Fatally Beaten With Bat, Florida Cops Say

A police investigation is underway at a Daytona Beach scene where a man beat his coworker to death with a metal bat. The suspect has been identified and arrested.

Cummings, a 50-year old man from Massachusetts died after being admitted to Halifax Health Medical Center last November. He had been reported missing on October 9th and police announced his death one week later in part because it was not clear how he disappeared during that time.

Leesburg resident Steve Tilbury, 26, was charged with murder, in this case, authorities said.

Two people were killed after they failed to stop at a red light in Daytona Beach is about 90 miles southeast of uptown Jacksonville, Florida on Nov 23rd.
The victims have been identified as Tilbury and Cummings who both worked for Ritchey Autos when the deadly attack occurred around 8:43 a.m. officials said.

They said they believe a dispute between the two men began whereas The cause of their argument is still unknown.

Witnesses told DBPD that Tilbury pulled up in his silver Chevy truck, grabbed a metal bat from the rear of it and hit Cummings on the head with it. The attack was so violent they said he did not even get out of the car!

After a short fight, Tilbury was subdued by co-workers who stripped him of the metal bat before emergency services arrived on the scene. The paramedics transported Cummings to HHMC after he was listed as a trauma alert at the scene.”

Tilbury was arrested at the scene, authorities said. He’s been charged with two counts of felony aggravated battery in connection to his attack on a man who he apparently thought had done something wrong and then beaten up afterwards – all caught on surveillance video!

It has now been upgraded to second-degree murder after Cummings died from his injuries, officials said in a Dec 1 update.
“Tilbury has been at Volusia County Jail since his initial arrest on the aggravated battery charge,” police added.”

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