“What The Heck?” Lara Trump Cooks Up Most Bonkers Idea Yet About Democrats And Thanksgiving

lara trump

It turns out Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law also has an immunity to Halloween costumes. During her appearance on Fox News, she went full war and didn’t care if it was appropriate or not, she just wanted everyone else dead as well so they couldn’t turn back time anymore.

“Traditions like Thanksgiving and Christmas are just a few examples of how Democrats don’t care about the American people, they’re only interested in doing away with shared traditions that we hold dear,” Lara Trump said on Fox News Wednesday night.

“They have told us from the beginning that they want to fundamentally transform America.”

“No one will listen to me! The people have their own traditions, and it’s hard for them to change. They are set in the ways of old-fashioned thought!” She continued with an angry tone as if trying unsuccessfully not to be heard by those around her after being ignored throughout our conversation.”

No one can have a Thanksgiving dinner without cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. That is until President Trump came along! The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 didn’t stop them from having their traditional meal- just for some reason this year they’re not letting any of us get together so we’ve been given permission to spend time with our families on thanksgiving instead at home alone or with close friends.

The President of the United States has issued an unfortunate statement that many people feel is unnecessarily inflammatory. Trump alleges, without offering any evidence or proof-a lot of places last month actually did away with Halloween because they wanted to be inclusive for those who didn’t celebrate this event on its supposed anniversary date -October 31st . “It all goes back ultimately transforming our country,” claimed Clinton in response; she warned his remarks will only lead us toward divisiveness and destruction if left unchecked.

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