In a crackdown on counterfeit listings, Amazon has banned 10 billion listings.

Amazon said Monday that it blocked more than 10 billion alleged fake listings last year before any of their products could be sold, despite pressure from customers, brands, and lawmakers to crack down on counterfeits on its web.

The figures were revealed in Amazon’s first anti-counterfeiting study since the company launched new tools and innovations in 2019. Last year, the number of fake listings that were blocked increased by around 67% over the previous year.

Scammers sought to take advantage of shoppers who were shopping more online during the pandemic, according to the Seattle-based e-commerce behemoth.

For years, Amazon has battled fakes. However, it has been warning investors in government filings since 2019 that the selling of counterfeit products is a danger to the company’s reputation. If brands are aware that fake copies are available, they may be reluctant to sell their products on the web. Shoppers could lose faith in Amazon as a result of knock-offs.

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