Prince Harry Plans to Attend Prince Philip’s Funeral, But Meghan Markle Will Not

As the royal family plans the funeral of Price Philip who passed away last week at the age of 99, Prince Harry, his grandson says he will attend his granddad’s funeral.

On April 10th, the royal family announced that Prince Harry will travel from California to the United Kingdom for the memorial service. However, amid her best attempts to accompany Harry to the UK, Meghan would not be accompanying him because she did not obtain medical approval from her physician. Meghan is currently pregnant with her second child.

There was a lot of speculation that Harry and Meghan would not attend the funeral. Recently, the couple did an interview with Oprah where they stated their frustration with the royal family and what caused them to leave the UK for the US.

Prince Harry will adhere to COVID-19 protocols during his travel to and from the United Kingdom.

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