biden and Ukraine president standing

Corruption Causing West To Abandon Ukraine, Secret Files Show

A secret document obtained by POLITICO revealed that high level corruption in Ukraine is hampering western efforts to defeat Russia. According to the U.S. strategy confidential document, the Biden administration is worried about increasing misuse of American dollars.

Canadian Parliament Accidently Honors A Nazi Veteran

The Canadian parliament accidently honored a Nazi soldier who fought with the Nazi in the second world war. The Ukrainian soldier, Yaroslav Hunka, was celebrated as a “Ukrainian Hero” by Canada’s House of Commons. The House Speaker Anthony Rota apologized when he realized that Hunka served in 14th Waffen-SS Grenadier Division, accused of killing jews.

Poland Will Not Supply Arms To Ukraine Over Grain

Poland said it’ll not be supplying arms to Ukraine amid tensions over grain exports. The Polish Prime Minister has said its country will focus more on equipping itself amid growing border tensions of Belarus, a key Russian ally.

German Military Struggling To Find Fresh Recruits

German Defense Minister has said that the country’s armed forces cannot attract fresh recruits. The Bundeswehr, the armed forces of Germany, is struggling big time to find new recruits amid increasing Russian threat from the eastern border. The German armed forces are increasingly worried about the public’s interest in joining the military, the ministry said.

President Joe Biden Defends Sending Cluster Bombs To Ukraine

The US President has justified sending the controversial cluster bombs to Ukraine amid increasing pressure to counter Russian military advancements. Joe Biden said the decision was a very difficult one as the cluster bombs have the potential to cause widespread civilian harm, but the US has made sure the weapons will only be used in defense, White House statement said.