Famous Korean Pop-Star Commited Suicide At 25

Moonbin, K-pop star and a member of Astro boy band died at the age of 25. According to the police, Moonbin was found dead in his apartment at his home in the Gangnam district of Seoul. Moon’s fans are shocked to hear the tragic news of his death and have been pouring grief all over the internet.

South Korea Imposes $32 Million Fine On Google

The South Korean government has imposed a heavy fine of $32 million on Google for squeezing a local video gaming firm. The South Korean governmental body accused Google of exploiting its market dominance by blocking its rivals from releasing video games.

North Korean Drones Crossed South Korea Border

Tensions are high in the East China sea as powerful nuclear armed China and North Korea continue to threaten its neighbours. North Korean drones violated South Korean airspace and in response South Korean forces fired warning shots.