Russian space agency

Russian Luna-25 Spacecraft Enters Moon Orbit

Russian space craft has entered the lunar orbit and set to become the first Russian spacecraft in 50 years to reach moon. The Luna-25 is expected to land on the moon’s southern pole to investigate frozen water. No country on earth has achieved the milestone for landing on the southern side ever.

Leaking Russian Spacecraft Returns Back To Earth

A damaged Russian spacecraft returned back to earth after reporting a slight leak at the International Space Station months ago. In February, A tiny meteorite punctured the outer surface of Russian Soyuz MS-22, causing it to be less than one millimeter in diameter.

Russian Satellite Mysteriously Blows Up In Orbit

A Russian satellite broke up in its orbit, according to the US Space Defence Squadron. The satellite blew up and the reason has not yet been investigated. The satellite after breaking up created a large, scattered scrap in the orbit.