Russian Satellite Mysteriously Blows Up In Orbit

A Russian satellite broke up in its orbit, according to the US Space Defence Squadron. The satellite blew up and the reason has not yet been investigated. The satellite after breaking up created a large, scattered scrap in the orbit.

Kosmos 2499 Spacecraft

The 18th Space Defence Squadron tweeted that the Russian Kosmos 2499 Spacecraft orbiting around the earth, broke apart on 4 January. The Defence Squadron is responsible for tracking the objects in the earth’s orbit. It said in the statement that the Russian satellite broke up at an altitude of around 1,169 kilometres above Earth. 

Reason Is Unknown

The satellite has released 85 pieces of debris to the earth’s orbit at the height of 1169 kilometers above earth’s surface. The reason has not been confirmed by the 18th SDS. It could have been a collision with another satellite or micrometeorites bombardment, according to the officials.  

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