Russian fighter jets

Russian Jet Flies Dangerously Close To US Plane Over Syria

A Russian jet flew dangerously close to a US surveillance aircraft in Syria, potentially endangering the lives of 4 American pilots on board. The US military said the encounter could have resulted in a crash, but the pilots somehow managed the confrontation. This is not the first time a Russian jet has harassed a US aircraft, previously it flew close to a MQ-9 drone over Syria.

US Military Video Shows Moment Russian Jet Hits US Drone

Two Russian fighter jets harassed a US drone over the black sea a day ago. A video released by the US military shows the moment the confrontation took place. The video footage shows Russian Su-27 fighter jets getting so close to the US drone that it hits its propeller, causing the drone to malfunction.

Russian Fighter Jet Destroys US Drone Over Black Sea

Two Russian Su-27 fighter jets struck the US MQ-9 Reaper drone over the black sea. Russian fighter jets intercepted the US drone flying in international airspace, forcing it down into the black sea. Russian jets landed on an airbase in Crimea, which Russia took over in 2014.