US Military Video Shows Moment Russian Jet Hits US Drone

Two Russian fighter jets harassed a US drone over the black sea a day ago. A video released by the US military shows the moment the confrontation took place. The video footage shows Russian Su-27 fighter jets getting so close to the US drone that it hits its propeller, causing the drone to malfunction.

Pentagon Released The Video

It seems like the Pentagon released the video intentionally in order to set things straight to the general public. The video clearly shows Russian jets pouring fuel before one of them hits the US drone. According to the US officials, the confrontation went on for 30-40 minutes after which the drone camera went off.

No-Fly Zone

The Pentagon initially said that the US drone was flying in international air space and posed no threat. But Russian officials rebuked Pentagon’s statement and said that Moscow had imposed a “no-fly zone” over the region after it invaded Ukraine last year. The US military is still looking for the lost aircraft in the black sea.

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