Man Charged For Stealing Police Cruiser in Kentucky

A suspect was arrested after he allegedly stole a police vehicle and crashed in Lexington, causing two injuries. Two police officers were injured when the suspect assaulted them after which he stole the police cruiser and ran away. The 26-year-old suspect was also taken to the hospital along with the two police officers and one person he hit.

US Army Orders  Aviation Stand Down After Helicopter Crashes

The head of the US army has ordered to stand down all army aviators amid increasing incidents of helicopter crashes. The chief of staff of the US army James McConville said that the safety of US army personnel is the topmost priority as helicopter crashes took lives of 12 in the recent past.


Historic Flooding Causes 28 Deaths In Kentucky

According to Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, at least 28 people have died due to the flooding caused by excessive rain starting last week. Governor Beshear has also warned that the death toll will raise.