Donald Trump

Trump Explains How Wild & Extreme His Second Term Would Be

During his visit to South Dakota, the former President Donald Trump explained how his next presidential term would look like.

In his natural tone, he urged supporters to use all their force otherwise they’ll lose their great country, the United States of America.

Donald Trump Arrested Over Classified Documents

The US former president Donald Trump has been arrested at the federal courthouse in Florida. Trump was formally charged with all the 37 felonies including the mishandling of the national security documents which, according to the prosecutors, were kept in the bathroom under showers. He pleaded not guilty to all the 37 charges against him.

Trump Kept Nuclear Secrets in Shower, Charges Say

Donald Trump has been accused of mishandling hundreds of secret documents after he stepped down as the US president. The 37-count indictment said that the former president kept secret nuclear documents in a ballroom and a shower.

Donald Trump To Be Charged With Espionage

The former US President Donald Trump has been indicted on seven counts in the classified documents probe. He has been facing criminal charges over his alleged role in mishandling of the classified documents after he ceased to remain the president.

Joe Biden Falls On Stage At US Air Force Ceremony

The US President Joe Biden fell on stage and then quickly recovered as he moved towards his seat. After handing over the graduation diploma to one of the Air Force graduates, he fell to the ground and was helped by three people.

Trump Promises To End Birth Citizenship if Elected Again

Former US President Donald Trump has vowed to revoke the 14th amendment if he was elected as President in 2024. In reference to the illegal immigrants, he said he’ll not allow birthright citizenship for the children of “illegal aliens” on American soil.

Experts Worry Deep Fakes Could Threaten 2024 US Elections

Deep Fakes have been threatening elections around the world including the recent Turkish elections. Now experts have started to worry about the upcoming 2024 US elections as they think Deep Fakes could spread disinformation and disrupt the electoral process. Darrell West, from Brookings Institution’s Center for Technology Innovation, said both the supporters of Trump and Biden are going to use AI to mislead the public.

President Biden Announces 2024 Re-Election Campaign

Joe Biden has announced that he will be running for the 2024 presidential elections. In a video, Joe Biden announced that he will be fighting to make all the Americans get their due freedoms and fight against Republican extremism. 

Trump Will Surrender To Court On Tuesday, Lawyer Says

Former President is likely to be arrested in the coming week after he was indicted by the Manhattan jury. Trump was charged after years long investigation into the hush money he paid to the adult actress just before the 2016 election campaign. 

Donald Trump Fears Arrest On Tuesday, Calls For Protests

The Former US President Donald Trump has called for mass protests across the country as he fears arrest. Trump said he is expecting to be arrested on Tuesday in a hush money case that he paid to a former adult actress. He has called upon his supporters to rally across the country ahead of his alleged arrest.