Startup Seeks To Revolutionize Trees To Capture More CO2

A US based technology startup is genetically engineering trees to capture more carbon dioxide and live longer than traditional trees. The U.S. climate technology startup Living Carbon is producing trees that can absorb 53% more biomass with more efficient photosynthesis.

Scientists Began Warning About Climate Change 200 Years Ago

Most of us think that Climate change has just been around for not more than 20 years, which is far from reality. Early scientists have also been warning about the bad impact fossil fuels had on the environment. Scientists in the mid 1900s warned about the intense heat absorptive capacity of carbon dioxide, the primary cause of today’s climate crisis.

Scientists Are Using Oceans To Reverse Climate Change

Scientists have been working to reverse and mitigate the impact of climate change on the environment by using a wide range of techniques. Greenhouse gasses have skyrocketed in the last few decades and now scientists have started to use oceans to capture the huge amount of carbon dioxide in the air. 

Scientists Set To Convert CO2 To Energy To Save Climate

As carbon dioxide continues to explode, scientists are worried about the future of life on earth. Scientists are improvising to come up with innovative ways to convert CO2 to something that can help reduce its effect on the environment.  Professor Andrew Bruce Bocarsly said we can convert CO2 to energy, but doing it is a big challenge.