Scientists Set To Convert CO2 To Energy To Save Climate

As carbon dioxide continues to explode, scientists are worried about the future of life on earth. Scientists are improvising to come up with innovative ways to convert CO2 to something that can help reduce its effect on the environment.  Professor Andrew Bruce Bocarsly said we can convert CO2 to energy, but doing it is a big challenge.

Is It Possible?

The question is, is it possible to convert this lethal compound to something which can benefit humanity at large? Scientists are optimistic about capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turning it into something useful via electrically driven reactors. The rest of the process was too scientific to explain but the challenging part is implementation. The goal is to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which is already in abundance, and convert it into different forms of energy like electricity and fuel.

Now Or Never

The concept of converting CO2 to energy was proposed by Professor Andrew Bruce Bocarsly but no one really took him seriously. But coming through all the adverse effects earth has confronted so far, it’s a “now or never” situation for scientists. Greenhouse gases are increasingly endangering the overall life on the planet and we need t act fast.

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