White House Defends Parkinson’s Disease Experts Visiting Biden

The White House has defended the Parkinson’s disease experts visiting the President in White House.

When asked about the frequent visits the specialists are having to the White House, the Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said it was just a normal routine cheap-up but didn’t reveal why the visits were so frequent. 

Secretary Got Into Heated Exchange

The Press Secretary got into a heated exchange with reporters when she was asked about the frequent visits, at least eight times in a couple of years, according to one reporter.

Karine rebuffed the speculations that the checkups were odd and said the President does so to make sure he can do what he is asked to do.

One reporter pressed the Press Secretary to provide more details as the story had been in the news for four days now.

Karine said for security reasons she cannot share the names of those who visited Mr. Biden despite one reporter mentioning the name of one specialist.

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